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Construction of Rail Over Bridges,
construction of high level bridges across rivers in major districts like madurai, trichy…


Construction of Schools, commercial and office buildings.
Upgradation of Infrastructure facilities in Madurai Tamilnadu under Industrial Infrastructure Upgrading Scheme (IIUS)…


Construction of assembly block in factory including General Builders work, Structural Steel, Sanitary Water Supply, Under Ground Sump, Compound Wall…..


Repairs to Control Structures & Cross Masonry works, R.C.C. wall between River and Canal
Regulating arrangements for flood water into district…

Road Works

Bituminous Works in various Corporation Roads under TNUDP Scheme
Special Repairs to State Highways and Major District Roads…

Site Grading

Filling Low-lying area in sites and services scheme
Site Grading and Construction of Roader Phase I, Pipeway Bridges, Electrical Road Crossings…

Treatment plant

Construction of total effulent treatment plant, water treatment plant and asociated civil works…